2009 - Shattuck Lawn

2009 - Shattuck Lawn

2009 - Shattuck Lawn

Ginkgo Tree - Shattuck Lawn


Kissing Rock

Fountain - Front Campus

Welcome MUW Alumnae

The Mississippi's First Alumnae Association is celebrating more than 120 years continuous support for the nation’s first public institution dedicated to the education of women. Anyone who has spent at least one semester as an undergraduate or as a graduate student at MUW, in addition to those receiving degrees, is a member of the original and historic Alumnae Association.

While we celebrate our history and traditions, we also embrace the present and future. It is with great pride that we launch an official website dedicated to fostering the special connections that we share. It is a demonstration of the association’s commitment to reach out to all of our members – now numbering more than 18,000.

We hope you will find this website useful and will visit often. This site will continue to grow and evolve into a place that will provide the connection our members have asked for so browse around, come back often and get connected with your Alumnae Association.


This website is the official website of Mississippi's First Alumnae Association, the original and historic 120-year-old association formerly known as The Mississippi University for Women Alumnae Association. The Association is no longer affiliated with Mississippi University for Women. All content contained herein is the property of the AeA. Any opinions presented on this site are those of the AeA only and should not be construed as representative of the opinions of MUW or its administration, faculty, or staff.