ISSUE 4                                                                OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER                                                            January 25, 2009

Golden Days Reception Honoring Featured Alumnae

MUW will host a reception honoring all of the women who are featured in the book "Golden Days," including members of the original MUWAAE oral history committee Susan Rayner Puckett and Barbara White, the MUW Southern Women's Institute student interns and interviewers, and the featured MSCW alumnae interviewees, our "Golden Girls." Read More...

Young Alums

W Should Remain - The women and men of MUW have become well known throughout the state, region and nation as strong-minded individuals with a willingness to speak out and share their knowledge and opinions. Megan Stoner Morgan, 2008; Brandie Ashe, 2007; Bridget Smith Ellis, 2004 and Anne Marie Bailey, 2006, are  recent graduates and typical of “W” alums, quick to share their feelings about the W’s future and the proposed name change. Read More...

MUW's original and historic alumnae/alumni association is facing some unprecendented challenges as it moves forward in 2009
Shakespeare’s classic question is at the center of not one, but two critical issues facing our historic Association today:  The first involves President Limbert voluntarily attempting to change the name of the university to something, apparently pretty much anything, that doesn’t have the word women in the title, and  the second involves a Mississippi Supreme Court mandate that prohibits the Association from using  W, MUW, or Mississippi University for Women in the name of our Alumnae Association.


Supreme Court Decision Changes MUWAeA Relationship with University

An update on the current legal status of the original and historic alumnae/alumni association.

As a result of a ruling by the Mississippi Supreme Court, the historic MUWAeA is no longer formally affiliated with Mississippi University for Women.  What this means is that the association no longer receives recognition and support from the university.  It does not mean that the Association is disbanded or defunct.  On the contrary, according to Association president Kym Gore, "the organization is carrying on its efforts to represent alumnae/I and continuing its good work and service to our beloved W."

While we would have preferred a court ruling that allowed the association to remain affiliated, "the organization  remains a viable, successful organization committed to serving Mississippi University for Women," Gore said ."Our organization has dedicated itself to MUW for 119 years, and we will continue to work for the benefit of MUW for at least the next 119 years." Read More...


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Upcoming Events

Winter Board Meeting
Officer & Board of Directors Elections 2009
Alumnae/i Achievement Awards

The MUW Alumnae Association is no longer affiliated with Mississippi University for Women. The views expressed by this organization and its members do not represent the views of the University or its employees.

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