Ladies and gentlemen, readers of Mississippi's First Alumnae Association e-newsletter, you are about to enter another dimension, an area we like to call “The Free Speech Zone.”

The freedom to speak without censorship is fundamental to American democracy – and it's important to us too! That's why we're introducing a new feature which highlights selected speeches and articles that we think W alums will be interested in reading.
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The MUW Long Blue Line
(of Mothers and Daughters and Sons and Sisters and Cousins)

By Jimmie Meese Moomaw

In the early 70s, Nancy Friday’s book My Mother Myself generated considerable discussion about the positive and negative aspects of how mothers influence their daughter’s search for identity. Academics picked up the issue and developed attachment theory to explain the unique relationship that exists between mothers and daughters. In academese attachment theory was described as offering lucid and succinct concepts to describe and explain the transmission of internal models, working models of attachment, across generations...Read More

The Value of Traditions
By Thomas "Mack" Spencer

Traditions: those things done at a certain time or place; perhaps with certain people, perhaps not, but recognized as part of the social fabric. Traditions take many forms In my family, our Christmas “tradition” for many years was to
open presents that morning have pancakes or waffles
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