Letter from MFAeA President

Loyal Daughters & Sons,

Well, college comrades we have once again stood up for our beloved alma mater. Last week I had the pleasure to drive up to Jackson for W day at the Capital. Despite the cold temperatures and broken water mains, W alums received a very warm reception in the House... Read More

Déjà vu: Closure and Merger Attempts

In order to fully appreciate the merger/closure threat to MUW, it is important to view it through the lens of history.  For the W and for many of its alums, this issue is not a new one, and much can be learned from past closure/merger attempts and the efforts to successfully combat them.

Although there were attempts to close or merge the W prior to 1986, that year’s attempt was the first experience for many of us.  In that year, the College Board proposed the closure of MUW and Mississippi Valley State University as a cost saving measure. Although the Board can recommend closure/merger, only the legislature has this authority. As a result, the administration, under the leadership of Dr. Strobel, and the W alums, under the leadership of Jan McSpadden, successfully lobbied the legislature not to close the W...Read More

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Winter Board Meeting Feb. 5 & 6, 2010
Mississippi's First Alumnae Association invites all MUW alums to the Winter Board Meeting, Feb 5-6. There is a full schedule of meetings and activities. All alumnae and alumni are encouraged to attend and be a part of the work of the original and historic alumnae association.

Mississippi's First Alumnae Association Planning 2010 Officer & Board Elections
It's that time again! Once again members of Mississippi's First Alumnae Association have the opportunity to make decisions about the leaders who will head up the work of the organization. This year's election is for three officer positions and three director positions.
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