Message From Outgoing President: The Rev. Anghaarad Teague-Dees

Spring is in the air and that means it is time to head back to Columbus for Homecoming 2010. I am always excited to see familiar faces from days past and to make new friends. My class... Read More

Message From The Incoming President: Lillian Wade

Thank you for entrusting the leadership of the Long Blue Line to me for the coming year. It is a humbling experience, and my pledge to you... Read More

Ladies and gentlemen, readers of Mississippi's First Alumnae Association e-newsletter, you about to enter another dimension, an area we like to call “The Free Speech Zone.”

The freedom to speak without censorship is fundamental to American democracy – and it's important to us too! That's why we highlight selected speeches and articles that we think W alums will be interested in reading.
... Read More

Candlelight Vigil & Eulogy

On January 16th a fire at a Day’s Inn Motel in Birmingham, AL, claimed the lives of four coeds from MUW: Alondan Turner, Catherine Muse, Jamelia Brown and Jaslynn McGee. Alondan and Catherine were cousins from Cordova AL; Jaslynn McGee was from Corinth, MS and Amelia Brown was from Grenada MS. All four lived in the same dorm. Fire officials reported that the young students were among those who called 911 to report the fire, but firemen were unable to reach them in time.

Shirley Spain, president of the Birmingham MFAeA chapter, learned about the fire when she received a call from a Birmingham News reporter. She expressed her sympathy and concern for the families and soon became the face and voice of MFAeA in responding to the families of the victims....Read More

2010 MFAeA Election Results

Mississippi’s First Alumnae Association’s Elections for the Board of Directors and Officers for 2010-11 were recently completed.

The 2010 Election marked the second year the MFAeA process was held prior to MUW’s Spring Homecoming rather than during the homecoming festivities. This change allowed more voting eligible members to participate in the election. “We are pleased that we have completed our second year of elections by means of both electronic and traditional paper balloting. As this new method becomes more familiar, we hope that more and more of our alumni will use the elections process to voice their approval of who they wish to lead their organization,” said Lenore Shields Griffin ’70, MFAeA Elections Committee Chair....Read More
By Lydia Quarles

We all learn by experience, whether we care to admit it or not. And often mistakes make our best teachers. The United States made a mistake in the 1970s and 1980s when it mandated that all public educational institutions should provide educational opportunities for men and women.

I am a woman of the Second Wave in women’s liberation; I came of age in the ‘60s and ‘70s. As such, I wanted all barriers to women’s opportunities removed. I wanted the United States Service Academies to admit women. I wanted Virginia Military Academy to admit women. I wanted women to be able to do anything they wanted to do.

Some women wanted to receive an education focused on the education of women. I wanted that to be available, too. Like most women of the Second Wave...Read More
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The Way We Were

Here’s a sharing site for photos and videos showcasing W days and the way we were. Take a peek, post a comment or a journal entry and add some of your own favorite pics.

Upcoming Events
Spring Homecoming April 16-18
Mississippi's First Alumnae Association, the original and historic organization for alums of MUW, invites everyone to the many activities and special events taking place during a weekend dedicated to remembrances and making new memories. Y’all come!

Gala Homecoming Celebration
Friday night’s festivities have become a can’t miss event as Mississippi’s First Alumnae Association throws a party. It’s not just any party, though – it’s a GALA!

Young-at-Heart Party
One of the highlights of Homecoming is the chance for alums and students to interact and trade stories of now and then. This is the place for the young and the the young at heart to be Saturday night.

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