Dear College Comrades,

     It seems like yesterday that I was back at the W singing those same words with my dearest friends and classmates. Now every time we come back to the campus the years fade away and we are again filled with that same youthful spirit and once again we are bound together as W girls (and guys) with our common stories, laughter and tears.

     As many of you know, the past few years have been very difficult both for our alma mater and for our historic alumnae association which has steadfastly supported the institution for 120 years.

As President of Mississippi’s First Alumnae Association for 2009-2010, I can report with pride that we have weathered the storms together, remained     President-Elect Lillian Wade pins Zane Dees, as the first husband, with a MFAeA pin at the reception following Anghaarad & Zane's wedding. staunch supporters of the W mission, and are loyal and loving alumnae of our University.

     We are poised to move forward with bigger and bolder steps as we work to tell the story of our university and alumnae association – as we work to preserve not only our name, but also the women’s mission.

     Holding our spring meetings at Homecoming outside the gates of the university served as a poignant reminder of how hard and long our Association collectively and our members individually have worked for the betterment of Mississippi University for Women. Even from outside the gates, our voices were heard loud and clear.

     MUW’s mission is still a relevant mission. Our university is still a jewel in the crown of the institutions of higher learning in Mississippi. Our plans for the year and for the future of MUW are to reach out to as many alums as possible to share our vision for our alma mater with everyone who will listen. No one can ever stop us from being loyal and loving to our university and to our alumnae association.

     So “dear college comrades” please join us this year by activating your membership and assuring that Mississippi’s First Alumnae Association keeps the Long Blue Line moving ever forward!


Hail to Thee!

Rev. M. Anghaarad Teague Dees