Kym Golden Gore 97,
President 2008-2009

Kym Golden Gore Mississippi University for Women Class of 1997

Kym Golden Gore is completing her year as president after leading the original and historic alumnae association through a particularly significant period in the organization’s 120-year existence.

By Anne Swearingen, MUW Class of 73

To be president of an alumnae association that has been given persona non grata status by the president and administration of the university it supports has not been an easy job.

Just ask Kym Golden Gore, class of 1997, outgoing president of Mississippi’s First Alumnae Association.

“Even though I became involved with the Association during Betty Lou's (Jones, president 2006-2007) presidency and was aware of the situation, I still had no idea what I was getting into!” Kym said.

“The highs have been really high, and the lows have been really low.” 

Kym said her highest point was her opportunity to present legal arguments before the Mississippi Supreme Court. “From a personal perspective, being able to argue before the Mississippi Supreme Court on behalf of our Association was a real high point and a wonderful experience.”

Although the Court did not rule in the Association’s favor, Kym said that has not deterred her and it hasn’t slowed the progress of a dedicated group of alumnae.

“As an organization, we were always aware that the Alumnae Association could end up unaffiliated, but it is still somewhat surreal to know that as alums, we have been disowned by our alma mater simply for standing for what we believe is true and right for the W. Overall, I think our organization was prepared for the final decision -- we have conducted our business and moved forward, and we will continue to support the W. No court decision and no administration can change our mission or our alums' level of dedication.

“At the center of everything this Association has done this year is the bond that W alums share. It's one that transcends so many obstacles -- age, experience, time and background. I find that the further I get from my time at the W, the more I appreciate knowing that so many others remember vividly the same things that made the W so special to me.”

As she leaves office, Kym says the future is wide open. “It is exciting to think about the possibilities. While the Association's mission remains unchanged, we have the opportunity to serve The W without limitations on our activities or priorities. That's a freedom that the Association hasn't experienced in a very long time. 

“The next three years should be very productive -- Angh, Lillian, and Neely all have great vision and amazing abilities, and it will be fun to watch them lead and to work with them as they work with their boards to set goals for the Association.”

Asked if she had any advice for the incoming president, Kym said, “Angh certainly doesn't need my advice -- she's a skilled and experienced leader! The most valuable thing I learned this year was to ask for help, and I would suggest that Angh master that skill, if she hasn't already.”

And how will Kym feel when she is no longer at the helm? “It's been a real honor and a real joy to serve. I'm looking forward to working with the Board next year in a different capacity as ‘just’ a Board member.”

~ ~ ~
Serving as president of the Association in such a tumultuous time was not all Kym had facing her during the year. “We (husband Ray and their dog Grant) moved back to Tampa just a few months after I became president. I'm now working for the Office of the Attorney General of Florida as an appellate attorney for the Children's Legal Services division. I handle appeals on behalf of Florida's Department of Children and Families for the benefit of abused, abandoned, and neglected children. I absolutely love my job. Ray and I love being back in Florida, and we really love living in this area because there's always something interesting to do. When we remember to play, we spend time at the beach and with friends.