Message From The Incoming President: Lillian Wade

Dear W Alums,

Thank you for entrusting the leadership of the Long Blue Line to me for the coming year. It is a humbling experience, and my pledge to you is to do the very best I can as your next President. Anghaarad Teague-Dees is to be commended for her outstanding leadership during 2009-10. Thanks, Angh, for setting such a wonderful example for me to follow.

As we move into our 2010-11 year, we will continue to embrace and welcome more alums into Mississippi's First Alumnae Association, to support and encourage the students, faculty and staff, to make new friends for our alma mater, and to support and defend her. I want to challenge each of you to . . .

  • Think about what the W has meant to you, and make it possible for the next generation of young women and men to have that same advantage.
  • Give back to your alma mater . . . your time, your talent, your money . . . every gift, regardless of size, is important.
  • Continue to tell the good news about the W at every opportunity.
  • Seek out those outstanding students who will thrive and grow at the W, and do whatever you can to get them here.
  • Express your gratitude to everyone who helps make the W the jewel that it is . . . the faculty, the students, the staff, and the legislators.
  • Encourage inactive alums to join our association, and sponsor a membership if possible.

I'm sure you are all aware of the difficult economic situation facing the W and the State of Mississippi. We can choose to see difficulties as problems that cannot be overcome, or, we can choose to see them as opportunities . . . opportunities for us as a dynamic alumnae association to excel in our support of our beloved alma mater. I choose to seek opportunities and to see the glass half full. Join me as we seek new opportunities to serve, and never, ever, step out of the Long Blue Line! Remember, you have the distinction of being alums of the first publicly supported institution of higher learning for women in the nation! Wear this distinction with pride!

I look forward to keeping you informed about the news from the campus and from Mississippi's First Alumnae Association - the historic alumnae association that has served the W continuously since 1889.

W love to each of you,

Lillian Wade
MFAeA President-elect