Message From Outgoing President: The Rev. Anghaarad Teague-Dees

College Comrades,

Spring is in the air and that means it is time to head back to Columbus for Homecoming 2010. I am always excited to see familiar faces from days past and to make new friends. My class will be coming back for our 15th reunion and so I give a very special shout-out to the class of 1995, I hope to see lots and lots of you back within the ivied walls of our alma mater.

The administration has chosen to make some significant changes to the homecoming schedule this year, but we will not let that dampen our spirits or lessen our fun. The MFAeA will be hosting a party for all alums that will honor the Class of 2010, Alumni Achievement Award Winners and the newest Golden Girls (the Class of 1960) at the Lee Home on Friday evening starting at 8:00pm. This party has been very well attended in the last couple of years and we hope that everyone will come out for this wonderful celebration. On Saturday night you will find alums of every age braving the Karaoke stage at Zachary’s for the Young at Heart party…come and join the fun. A new event we are working on this year is a time to share your school spirit at Old Maid’s Gate. So come and Gather at the Gate Saturday at noon for an opportunity to sing school songs, cheer on your social club for a spirit award and maybe spot an old friend or two. Finally, I want to encourage everyone to attend the MFAeA meeting Saturday morning at 9:00am in the chapel of the Wesley Foundation…come and see firsthand the wonderful work the MFAeA board has done this year, hear about the Alumni Achievement Award winners and greet the new board.

The board has done amazing things this year…there is just not enough time to recap all that they have done, but some fantastic groundwork has been laid for years to come. We will be awarding our first Legacy Scholarship this spring, have established 5 Faculty Awards to help support our first class faculty, and created a Memorial Scholarship Fund to honor the four students who died in a fire in Birmingham, as well as any others whose memory might be so honored in the future. As many know the state budget crisis is having a huge impact on our beloved university, the MFAeA is beginning to seek ways to creatively help the university overcome the shortfalls that they are facing. This new Scholarships and Faculty Awards are just a beginning. Your gifts to the MFAeA make this new endeavor possible, so please consider giving to MFAeA today and if you have not joined, become a member today.

It has been an interesting year serving at the helm of Mississippi’s First Alumnae Association full of ups and well let’s just say big bumps. It has been an honor to serve the loyal alums of MUW and I thank you for all the support and love I have received this year. I will always be grateful that I am a loyal daughter of MUW. May our beloved alma mater with her rich and storied past have a bright and glorious future touching the lives of future members of the Long Blue Line! So, to you college comrades, I say thank you and God bless you.

Hail to Thee!

Anghaarad Teague Dees, 1995
Mississippi’s First Alumnae Association