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After the April 19th, 2008, approval of the newly revised Constitution & Bylaws and in accordance with said documents, The MFAeA Board of Directors approved the following dues structure at their June 28th, 2008 Summer Board Meeting.

Dues: . Free to 1st year Graduates . Basic Membership $40/year . Lifetime Membership $1000/one-time payment

Constitution: ARTICLE III - MEMBERSHIP A. Eligibility: The potential membership of the Association includes all the alumnae and alumni of M.U.W. For the purposes of this constitution, an "alumna" or "alumnus" includes anyone who completed at least 12 semester hours at the university. Upon payment of annual dues, any such alumna or alumnus is automatically eligible for active membership without need for any further application, election, or enrollment. A complimentary one-year active membership is available to all graduates upon receipt of their degree from M.U.W. B. Diversity: The Association shall encourage the participation and representation in its leadership of the many diverse groups within the Association, within the university, and within the communities that the Association and the university serve. C. Classifications: Membership in the Association shall be classified as Active, Honorary, Ex-Officio and Life members as hereinafter defined by the Bylaws of the Association.

Bylaws: ARTICLE I - MEMBERSHIP Membership in the Association consists of the following classifications: A. Active Member 1. An active member shall be any alumna or alumnus who has paid current annual dues or holds life alumnae/i membership. 2. For the first year after graduation from MUW, new alumnae/i shall be exempt from annual dues, but will be granted a complimentary active membership. B. Honorary Member 1. Non-alumnae/i distinguished in service to Mississippi University for Women may be elected to honorary membership in the Association by the majority vote of the Board of Directors. 2. Candidates for honorary membership shall be recommended in writing by an active member. 3. Honorary members shall not be eligible to vote or hold office in the Association. C. Ex-Officio Member 1. Ex-officio members are individuals who by virtue of position they hold or have held represent a valuable experience and knowledge resource with which they can assist the Board of Directors in an advisory capacity, but are not eligible to vote or hold office. D. Life Member 1. A life member of the Association is one who, upon their personal statement, held life membership in the Association prior to Homecoming 1979 (when criteria was officially changed). Others may attain life membership after that date upon the establishment of life membership dues by the Board of Directors.