Nomination process under way for spring election

By Anghaarad Teague Dees

The 2011 election process is about to begin and the Nominating Committee of Mississippi’s First Alumnae Association needs your help. We are currently seeking suggestions for new directors and officers to take office at the Annual Meeting during Spring Homecoming, April 15-17.

A new process for elections was instituted in 2009 that allows members to vote electronically or via mail. This has heightened the participation of members in the election process beyond those who were present at Homecoming.

This year’s election is for three officer positions and three director positions. The Treasurer and Secretary are elected annually. The Vice President is elected annually as well and then succeeds to the offices of President-Elect, President and Immediate Past President over their four-year term. This year’s directors will be elected to three-year terms. All alumnae nominated must agree to serve and be activated members of the association.

The Nominating Committee will review and vet all submissions before presenting a slate to the Board of Directors for approval. Once the Board approves a slate it will be posted to the association website and distributed to active association members. Members will then have the option of nominating from the “Floor” for two weeks following the announcement of the approved slate. Again, all nominees must agree to serve and be active association members. Final results will be published on the association website and distributed to all active members. New officers and directors will be installed at the Annual Meeting held during Homecoming weekend.

Alumnae will have until the end of the floor nomination period to activate their 2010-2011 memberships to be considered for office, directorship or to be eligible to vote in the 2011 election. To become an active member of the association, an alum only has to pay annual dues and complete a membership form (available at the association website). As the election process draws closer members will receive instructions on the voting procedures.

The Nominating Committee is Anghaarad Teague Dees ’95, Elaine Evans ’70, Anne Franklin Lamar ’09, Dustin Thompson ’92 and Lynne Curtis ’74. If you would like to make a suggestion of a potential officer or director please contact any member of the nominating committee or e-mail

The proposed schedule for the 2011 elections:

  • October 22-December 19: Suggestions for nominations accepted
  • January 28-January 31: Slate presented to Board for approval
  • February 1-12: Floor nominations accepted
  • February 15-March 15: Balloting open
  • March 16: Electronic ballot deadline; paper ballot postmark
  • April 15-16: Installation of officers

Anghaarad Teague Dees ’95, immediate past president of MFAeA, is a Presbyterian minister who lives in Pensacola, Fla.