W Days: The Way We Were

Homecoming 2010 offers an opportunity for W alums to reunite with dear friends on the campus of the university that brought them together. W days were special, and we thank those alumnae and alumni who are sharing their memories with us.

This is a small sampling of the photos. To see the complete collection, please visit a special web site set up to share pictures with W friends called W Days: The Way We Were.

Every alum is invited to become a member of the site. Come check it out at http://wdaysthewaywewere.shutterfly.com/.

Site Name: W Days: The Way We Were
Site URL: http://wdaysthewaywewere.shutterfly.com/

When you become a member to the site you will be able to:

  • Add comments to pictures, videos, and photo books posted on the site
  • Post content such as pictures, videos, journal entries, news, etc. to the site
  • Receive email notification when changes are made to the site

W Days: The Way We Were offers a look at past and present W friends, celebrations, traditions and moments in time. We cant go back, but we can remember and SHARE!